Hidden connections that allow wireless work area

20 KW generator (single phase) soundproofed and integrated camera makes this unique car in Spain to offer this service and one of the few in Europe with these characteristics.

Individual seats , swivel seats too, that have safety belt that can be placed basically in any position.

Side tables that can be placed in any position.

48 mm handrail that allows to couple to any platform.

Removable rear platform depending on the needs and prepared with three trailer hitches.


Black awning to isolate the work area from the sun or rain.

Side Tow allows us to tow a vehicle laterally safely and fast assembly

Small HD monitors integrated in the cabin

Wireless Intercom 5 posts

Isolation vibration, which reduces horizontal vibrations

Mitchell and ronford HEADS available

Isolation vibration, which reduces horizontal vibrations

Two beams that allows easy, fast and secure placement of the camera in any position

Rear view camera HD, Which Provides more security in maneuvers

Front platform 2m x 1m prepared for a secure and easy installation

Expandable main platform in case of need, safely and quickly