Camara Car

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CAMARA CAR fully equipped.

CAMARA CAR: Dodge Ram 3500 HD Crew Cab 4x4 motor Cummins Diesel engine with 350hp Cummins engine and a 850nm, equipped with dually wheels and air suspension Firestone system.

  • It is prepared to assemble all type of crane.
  • All main and secondary platforms are made of Finnish wood and are provided with a non-slip surface for technician safety .
  • Integrated generator and soundproof 20KW.
  • Hidden connections spread throughout the work area that allow clean cable platform.
  • Side tables
  • Rear vision camera high definition for safety in the movements.
  • Side Tow allows us to tow a vehicle laterally safely and fast assembly
  • Individual seats , swivel seats too, that have safety belt that can be placed in any position.
  • Black awning to isolate the work area from the sun or rain..
  • Provided with two beams that allows quick, safe and easy positioning of the camera in any position.
  • Side Plataforms PREPARED to mount quickly and safely : SIZE 500mm 1500mmx 800mm x 1500mm x 800mm.
  • Removable rear platform depending on the needs and prepared with three trailer hitches.
  • 48 mm handrail
  • Wireless Intercom.
  • Small HD monitors integrated in the cabin.
  • Isolation Vibration.

SIZE Camara Car

  • Total length 7.30m
  • Overall width 2.50m
  • Main platform 3.30m x 2.50m expandable quickly and safely up to 3.80m x 2.50m
  • Upper platform 1.30m x 2.50m
  • Front platform 2.00m x 1.00m
  • Rear platform is removable up to0.95m x 2.50m
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